Saving lives by connecting hospitals and blood banks, enabling patients and doctors to easily search and find safe blood in real time via SMS.

Francis Adereti

Growing up in Nigeria, Francis Adereti and his team have witnessed problems people go through to access blood and blood donors. This has cost some patients their lives. The current system in Nigeria requires hospitals and patients to call each individual blood bank, which is time consuming and leaves patients at the risk of dying before the blood or a blood donor is located. This creates a dangerous situation for many people, particularly for women in childbirth and in emergency situations such as traffic accidents and terror attacks. Driven by the will to change this problem, Francis founded Redbank in 2014.

Francis took part in SE Forum’s SE Outreach Accelerator in 2016.



Redbank is a platform that connects hospitals and patients with blood banks in Nigeria, thereby reducing the time spent locating the blood and increasing the chances of saving lives. Blood banks record their blood supplies in Redbank’s database. Hospitals and patients are then able to send an SMS with a request for the blood type they need, the quantity and their geographical location. After doing this, they will receive an SMS with details of the nearest blood bank that matches their request. Users pay for each SMS request. Apart from helping with the blood demand by the hospitals and patients that needs them, Redbank also intend to help with blood supply to the blood banks. By using the Redbank platform, various blood donor organisations and blood banks can manage and keep inventory of all their blood donors. The platform automatically sends periodic reminders to all past donors, when they are due to donate blood again. The platform will also be used to recruit more blood donors for the blood banks and blood drive organisations, thereby making more blood available to the hospitals and patients that needs them. Also, using the Redbank platform, voluntary blood donors can always be aware of the nearest blood bank or blood donor organisations to them where they can donate blood. Since launching the pilot in August 2015, 74 blood banks have been engaged in Lagos State and Redbank is working on getting the service implemented in the hospitals’ day-to-day work. Redbank’s vision is to be the first service that comes to mind in emergency situations. After perfecting the system in Nigeria, Redbank sees potential to scale to other Sub-Saharan African countries to solve the same problem. The SE Outreach Accelerator will give Francis the opportunity and tools to reflect on and evaluate the progress made so far, in order to accelerate Redbank’s business growth and future social impact.