Expanding access to psychological support through an arts therapy programme that provides a safe space for creative expression and healing


As a young adult, Amanda attended peace and dialogue programmes, and took interest in the psychology of the conflict on all levels, and the traumatic effect it has on people. That set her down a path dedicated to helping others heal their trauma. In 2012, she earned her Masters in Community Psychology, followed by a Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapies two years later.

“I grew up witnessing the influence of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict on people, especially youth. I made art to make sense of what was happening around me. Now, I use it to facilitate social change, trauma healing, and conflict transformation.”


Amanda took part in the 2018 Gather Fellowship, SE Forum’s partnership with Seeds of Peace.


Seeds of Peace GATHER



Palestinian Hearts

Around a third of Palestinians are in need of mental health interventions, yet mental health services are among the most under-resourced areas of health provision. Amanda’s programme, Palestinian Hearts, offers mental health care to people in the region — among the most under-resourced areas of health provision. There, people can share their stories, heal, and foster self-care through arts therapy. In workshops that combine visual art, psychodrama, music, movement and dance, Palestinian Hearts promotes peace, inspires resilience and transforms conflict into personal meaning. Its mission is to heal the collective, trans-generational trauma as a first step to becoming an inclusive Palestinian community.