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To acknowledge and to be acknowledged

April 20, 2015 - Blog Posts

By Shezan Shams – SE Entrepreneur, SE Outreach Accelerator 2015

For the past two months, from the day I was given the news of my acceptance into the SE Outreach Accelerator program, I have consciously or rather I should say subconsciously, been eagerly awaiting my arrival in Sweden. I have patiently waited for the chance to experience a new country and culture with a different perspective, and to gain an insight into a culture that breeds innovation.

Tour of Sigtuna (where Sweden begins!)

Tour of Sigtuna (where Sweden begins!)

Now that almost a week has passed since I arrived here in Stockholm, if I had to recap in one word it would be “awesomeness”, and this can be related to each and every aspect of the seven days that I have experienced so far. First of all, the dynamic trio – Maew, David & Carlos. Not to go overboard, but I really think SE Forum board did a good job in putting together a great team who really believe in the cause of the organization. Then of course the participants. What can I say, it truly is an honor to be among these exceptional bunch of pioneering social business innovators. The first week’s interaction with all these amazing people, especially the trip to Sigtuna, which gave the ground to know each other better within the landscape of a historical location was just magnificent.

The daily workshops, in between ice breaking exercises, dinner with the local entrepreneurs and to round off the trip with the half day workshop with the bright students of SSHL were the highpoints of the week. Not to mention how we were spoilt with great food while staying at Sigtunastiftelsen. Now that I know what “Fika” is, I hope I will be having more while meeting new people.

Coming back to Stockholm and being inducted to Impact Hub just before the weekend left me looking forward to the coming weeks. Through knowledge sharing, I do acknowledge the efforts of the participants and SE Forum and it really feels good to be acknowledged of my efforts as well. I hope to return back to my country as a person rejuvenated!!!

With the students from Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL)

With students from Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL)