So Much to Experience, Such Little Time

June 1, 2014 - Blog Posts

It is now Six weeks since the Accelerator program started and day-by-day I wish it would get longer than the eight weeks it is planned for.  I still remember the first day, I opened the window to see what the weather was like before deciding what to wear – with my sleeveless top I matched out in excitement to enjoy the sunny day and oh my! Shock horror! It was damn cold!!! Of course from where I come, when it’s a bright morning – it will be a hot day unlike the Swedish weather that combines a bright morning with a very cold day.

The many cultural differences that I have come across making me appreciate our cultural differences and the great role they play in shaping us – am so intrigued by the smiles painted on people’s faces as you walk passed them that trigger me to smile back without even thinking about “Why am smiling at a stranger”, the privilege of people paying attention and lending an ear when you get lost in the city or miscalculate your train stop.  All this has beautified my days in Stockholm.

I have enjoyed the beauty of our small group – eight social entreprenuers from different parts of the world; we are directly connected to each other both on a personal and professional level that has resulted into drawing inspiration from each other. One of the best experiences has been the feedback sessions where I encouraged one of the other entrepreneurs to use a personal story in the project pitching. She was rather skeptical in the beginning since it was something she had never done before. I get a wonderful feeling every time I see crowds and audiences applaud her presentations, it makes me feel proud to have inspired someone to take a step towards something fulfilling.


The sessions have been amazing with a clear goal of bolstering our skills to even be the world’s best social entreprenuers who not only have the passion to create change but have the competence, skills and expertise of creating sustainable transformations. The highlight of the program has been the discovery of impact assessment tools using the social value proposition and impact metrics, which is something, that always bothered me and had never figured out how to go about it. Bravo SE-Forum for the great work.

The opportunity to meet and mingle with people from all walks of life has been another thrilling experience of course social networking is essential in order to reach people easier and faster like Mike Davidson says   “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and not burning any bridges.” I am happy with the fact that I have not only met people that have had a high impact on Rhythm Of Life , my baby project, but also a number of them that have greatly added value to my personal life and well being.