SE Social Business Bootcamp – Build a Business that Makes the World Better!

The SE Social Business Bootcamp is an intense 10 day course for people who have an idea they believe could solve a social or environmental challenge.

We want to see your idea succeed! That’s why this bootcamp is designed to help you interrogate your idea and identify a business model that will make it financially sustainable (not completely dependent on donations).  

Working through the building blocks of the internationally acclaimed Business Model Canvas and supplemented by SE Forum’s Social Entrepreneurship Tools, you will be guided through a series of workshops, lectures and exercises that enable you to creatively explore the components of your business model and how to validate it. This interactive, non-academic approach to building a business helps transform your idea into an actionable business plan that can be used to execute your business and/or obtain further support such as funding or acceptance into business incubators.

You will learn about marketing, communication, financial management, funding opportunities, social impact measurement and how to present your business concept to the world – all wrapped up in a comprehensive business plan!

Program benefits:

  • Localised content – through close collaboration with local partners, the content will be tailored to your market, with local examples of social enterprises that face the same/similar regional challenges you face.
  • Intimate group – with a maximum of 10 participants per bootcamp, you have an opportunity to form close relationships with other social entrepreneurs – who will become an important part of your support network as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Social entrepreneurship expertise – social entrepreneurs face challenges and opportunities that regular entrepreneurs are not exposed to, with 12 years of experience in the social entrepreneurship field, SE Forum has a lot of learnings and networks to draw from.
  • International network – SE Forum has a social entrepreneur alumni network that spans over 60 different countries, so if you are looking to scale you can direct questions to entrepreneurs in that geographical location.
  • Certificate of completion – upon submission of your final business plan you will receive a certificate of completion to show you have taken the first step in validating your social business idea.

The Social Business Bootcamp is:

  • Open to most social entrepreneurs.
  • No limitations in terms of age, background, nationality or citizenry.
  • No requirement to have a registered enterprise prior to the program.
  • Both for-profit and non-profits are welcome to apply.
  • A written business plan is not a prerequisite to apply.
  • Current revenue streams/profitability is not a prerequisite to apply.

We look for those who:

  • Address a social and/or environmental problem facing a developing country.
  • Have a formalized and innovative business idea, but are looking for the right tools to turn it into a viable business plan and get going.
  • Are passionate and fully committed to the idea and to making the enterprise financially sustainable.
  • Have the ability to commit full-time during the program and are able to read, write, speak and comprehend English sufficiently, since the language of instruction is English.


Testimonials from our past participants

“I feel like this program was perfectly placed at the beginning of the year because it has given me all the tools and skills I need to step into my year. This is a program that EVERY social entrepreneur should go through. I shall forever be grateful. Thank you for seeing me worthy of impact!”

“I had no idea about how to put my business idea into practice until I attended this program. It gave me all the skills I needed to develop my business plan and make my business model canvas complete.”

“I started this program with my business idea in I.C.U, close to calling it quits. Through the training and mentorship given, I am proud to say my business is ready to fight.”

This program was previously known as the SE Mini-Accelerator.

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For questions regarding the Social Business Bootcamp please contact us on outreach(at)