Social Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers


This 2-part social entrepreneurship training course offers educators and trainers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate Social Business Bootcamps by Identifying, Educating and Supporting Social Entrepreneurs.

The program starts with an intensive five day course that introduces you to SE Forum’s toolbox – a compilation of over 25 tools that can help social entrepreneurs build a business model canvas. You will learn about the principles of social entrepreneurship, how to build a social business model and be given practical tools to support social entrepreneurs.

The second part of the training enables you to put what you have learned to practice as you co-facilitate a session of the Social Business Bootcamp alongside the SE Forum lead trainer.  You will have the opportunity to lead a session with local social entrepreneurs and will be given feedback from the SE Forum lead facilitator.

Training Program Benefits

  • Co-creation of content – as a local partner, you will contribute to the contextualisation of the content, by providing examples that will be shared with the local social entrepreneurs that participate in the social business bootcamp.
  • Unique training content – the concept of social entrepreneurship is growing in popularity but not widely understood, providing you with a unique opportunity to provide insight into the sector.
  • Support materials – each trainer will be provided with a copy of the Business Model Canvas book, the SE Forum Toolbox and the SE Forum Training Manual. 
  • Certificate of completion – upon successful execution of the co-facilitation session you will receive a certificate of completion.


Our Partners

SE Training of Trainers targets anyone who is interested in not only developing their own entrepreneurship skills, but also using that knowledge to train other social entrepreneurs in their area. Past Training of Trainers have been conducted with Action Aid Arab Regional Initiative in Jordan as well as with Global Business Labs and Africa Nazarene University in Kenya.