SE Mini-Accelerator Nairobi

Could your business idea change lives in East Africa?

Join the SE Forum Mini-accelerator Program to test your idea. This 2 week course will help transform your idea into a viable business model. Using the Business Model Canvas you will explore how to create a positive impact on society whilst operating a financially sustainable business.

You will learn about marketing, communication, financial management, funding opportunities, social impact measurement and how to present your business concept to the world – all wrapped up in a comprehensive business plan!

Brought to you in partnership between SE Forum and Global Business Labs at Africa Nazarene University.

The SE Mini-Accelerator is:

  • Open to most social entrepreneurs.
  • No limitations in terms of age, background, nationality or citizenry.
  • No requirement to have a registered enterprise prior to the program.
  • Both for-profit and non-for profits are welcome to apply.
  • A written business plan is not a prerequisite to apply.
  • Current revenue streams/profitability is not a prerequisite to apply.

We look for those who:

  • Address a social and/or environmental problem facing the East African region.
  • Have a formalized and innovative business idea, but are looking for the right tools to turn it into a viable business plan and get going.
  • Are passionate and fully committed to the idea and to making the enterprise financially sustainable.
  • Have the ability to commit full-time during the program and are able to read, write, speak and comprehend English sufficiently, since the language of instruction is English.


Do you want to have a positive social impact on the world? Do you have an idea that addresses one of the many societal or environmental challenges facing East Africa? Do you have an ambition and a plan for how to make the world better in a financially sustainable way? Are you committed to making reality of your idea? If so, you have come to the right place and we would highly encourage you to apply to the SE Mini-Accelerator – together we can make it happen!

It is possible for a team of 2 to apply per social enterprise/project, but you have to choose one person as the main applicant when applying.

About the Mini-Accelerator

We work intensively with the participants’ business model, with our starting point being the Business Model Canvas. By doing this, the entrepreneurs will go into depth regarding who their customers are and how to reach them, in order to enhance their understanding of how to make their enterprise financially sustainable.

Their communication and marketing skills will be improved upon and the participants will learn about financial management as well as about how to achieve knowledge and prepare pitches for potential funding sources. One important part of social entrepreneurship is the social impact that your start-up brings and our participants will be introduced to important tools on how to measure their social impact so that they can better communicate the change they make.


Read what some of our alumni from the Mini-Accelerator in Nairobi 2016 have to say about the program:

“I feel like this program was perfectly placed at the beginning of the year because it has given me all the tools and skills I need to step into my year. This is a program that EVERY social entrepreneur should go through. I shall forever be grateful. Thank you for seeing me worthy of impact!”

“I had no idea about how to put my business idea into practice until I attended the Mini-Accelerator program. It gave me all the skills I needed to develop my business plan and make my business model canvas complete.”

“I started the Mini-Accelerator program with my business idea in I.C.U, close to calling it quits. Through the training and mentorship given, I am proud to say my business is ready to fight.”


Make sure to read through the elibigility criteria before you apply.

Step 1:



First round applications closed on November 15 2015, 05:00 PM (Kenyan time)

Step 2:



Interviews will be conducted (on Skype) with top applicants between November 30 and December 4 2015.

Step 3:



Selected social entrepreneurs are announced by December 7, 2015.

The application for SE Mini-Accelerator 2016 has now closed.

For questions regarding the SE Mini-Accelerator Program please contact us on