SE Outreach Accelerator 

The SE Outreach Accelerator is a six month scaling program for social  entrepreneurs running businesses that address social and environmental challenges facing low- and middle income countries. In 2017, our participants were from Malaysia, Guatemala, Botswana, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.


SE Social Business Bootcamp

The Social Business Bootcamp is an intense 10-day course for people who have an idea they believe can solve a social or environmental challenge. The training helps participants turn their ideas into viable business plans. We have delivered Bootcamps in countries such as Kenya, Jordan and Palestine.


SE Training of Trainers

This 2-part training course offers educators and trainers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate Social Business Bootcamps by identifying, educating and supporting social entrepreneurs. The first part of the training introduces participants to SE Forum’s methodology, while the second part enables them to put what they’ve learnt into practice as they co-facilitate a session of the Social Business Bootcamp alongside the SE Forum lead trainer. In 2016, we delivered two of these programs, one in Kenya and one in Palestine and trained 28 participants in total. We also ran a Training of Trainers program with eight business lectures in the Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi. One year later, the university has updated the entire business curriculum based on our methodology and its lecturers have conducted social entrepreneurship trainings with a total of 562 participants.