SE Outreach Accelerator

The SE Outreach Accelerator is an exciting capacity-building program that takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. It is designed to equip the participants with entrepreneurial skills to enable them to sustain and scale up their impact through having building a financially sustainable enterprises.

When:  Selected participants will be based in Stockholm during April 11-29 and September 5-23 2016.
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
Language: Language of instruction will be in English.
Cost: Free to attend, with most costs covered. Click here for more information.

For more detailed information about the program, check out our FAQ

The SE Outreach Accelerator is a program for founders of projects/social enterprises who are creating positive social and/or environmental impact in developing communities.

We will help take your impact to the next level by providing you with workshops, mentorship, individual coaching and group coaching sessions as well as access to our network. The topics covered will include but not limited to business modelling, communication and funding strategies, financial management, team building, leadership skills and social-impact metrics. The training is based upon the action learning-approach and you will learn by applying the new skills directly to your own enterprises. This will allow you to develop your enterprises as you move along the program!

There are two physical parts of the program, each consisting of 3 weeks, which will take part in Stockholm. The first physical part of the program will focus on the enterprise opportunity assessment in order to understand the drivers of the enterprise and start formulating a solid plan for the next stage. The second part will focus on the execution and how to make it happen. In between these periods participants will return to their businesses but are required to spend 10 hours a week to meet program deliverables, such as participating in an exercise to collect customer testimonials, conduct market research and providing each other with feedbacks.

Be inspired by other participants, find motivation from our mentors and speakers, extend your network in Sweden and have fun while maximising your potential as a social entrepreneur!


Are you leading a project or an enterprise that is benefiting developing communities? Are you passionate about making the world a better place? Do you have the ambition to make your project/enterprise financially sustainable? Take the next step by applying to the SE Outreach Accelerator!

The SE Outreach Accelerator is open for applicants with:

  • Any background or nationality
  • No requirement to have a registered enterprise prior to the program
  • Both for-profit and non-for profits enterprises
  • No requirement to already have a written business plan
  • No requirement to have revenue streams/profitability prior to the program

To apply we require that:

  • You are at at least 18 years old
  • You have an operating project/enterprise that targets social and/or environmental issues facing the developing communities
  • Your project/enterprises can be scaled and replicated to benefit more people
  • You are passionate about creating positive impact with your project/enterprise and have the ambition of making it financially sustainable from sources beyond donations
  • You are the founder of such project/enterprises with mandate to make executive deicisions.
  • You can attend the Accelerator program in Stockholm full-time during April 11-29 and September 5-23, 2016 and can commit to spend the time in between to build on your learnings and meet the program deliverables.
  • You can fully participate in a program conducted entirely in English (read/write/speak/comprehend)
  • You are open-minded and willing to share your experiences in a co-working, co-learning environment

Program structure

This year we making some changes to the program. Instead of bringing the participants to Stockholm for 8 weeks straight, like in the previous years, we will be splitting the program into two periods.

The first physical part of the program will be held in Stockholm, during April 11-29, 2016. During this time SE Forum will provide the participants with workshops, lectures, mentorship and individual coaching which will focus on assessing and understanding the business opportunities and drivers . After these three weeks the participants will travel back to their home countries to implement what they have learned, test out new ideas and network. While doing this they will still have the support of SE Forum, their mentors and their fellow participants from the program. During this time participants will have deliverables which they will have to meet to be able to come back for the second part of the program.

The second physical part of the program takes place during September 5-23, 2016. The participants then travel back to Stockholm to spend another three weeks together. During this time they will meet with their mentors, learn from each other’s experience and participate in workshops and coaching sessions built around business executions, all to ensure that they leave Stockholm with the skills and confidence required to scale up their social enterprises in the future.

These changes have been made after listening to feedback from previous participants. 8 weeks is a long time for them to be away from home and their businesses. SE Forum also believes that there is an added value in allowing the entrepreneurs to test their skills in practice and reflect on their learning after the first three weeks in Stockholm, while still having the support of the program.


Make sure to read through the eligibility criteria and the FAQ before you apply.


Step 1:

Application, 1st round


First round applications are open between October 6-26, 2015.

Step 2:

Application, 2nd round


A selected group of candidates will sent a link by October 29 to fill in a second application. The second round application is due by November 9 2015.

Step 3:



Interviews will be conducted (in person or on Skype) with top applicants between December 1-18, 2015.

Step 4:



Selected social entrepreneurs are announced by December 22, 2015.

The application for SE Outreach Accelerator 2016 has now closed.

For questions regarding the SE Outreach Accelerator Program go to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us on