Project Description

Providing a medical drug verification system to institutions and pharmaceutical distributors, resulting in a sustainable community development through promotion of healthy lives and well-being.

Towett Ng’etich

Towett Ng'etich, Daktari Thabithi
Towett Ng'etich, Daktari Thabithi

About Towett and Daktari Thabithi

Towett Ngetich is a Social Entrepreneur currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations. Towett is devoted to improving the social life of every community around him, which led him to found the social enterprise Daktari Tabithi in 2015.

Daktari Thabithi seeks to create a healthy Africa by providing small scale health insurance. They provide health funds to needy citizens who cannot access health facilities due to financial constraints. They further link patients to doctors who act as their agents. This also builds a niche of confidence in the doctor from the patient. Daktari Thabithi embeds a mobile technology making it accessible to the 97% population of Kenya who own mobile phones.

Daktari Thabithi has further engaged itself in the fight against counterfeit drugs. Through customized solar powered kits, patients will access full details of the drug they intend to purchase – date of production, company of production, best of use date and authorized pharmacy of the purchased drug through an SMS platform. This not only curbs production and circulation of counterfeit drugs but also prevents unauthorized pharmacies and doctors from operating.

In the next ten years, Daktari Thabithi see themselves as Africa’s medical hub and number one health care firm.

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