Our Entrepreneurs

The participants in our programs are all founders or co-founders of businesses that address social and environmental issues in emerging markets. Our programs are designed to help them accelerate their businesses so that their innovative ideas can grow into high-impact solutions to the world’s social and environmental problems.

On this page you will find the profiles of our current participants and our alumni. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with one of the entrepreneurs you are welcome to email us at outreach(at)se-forum.se.



Use analytics to identify high potential candidates from lower-income backgrounds and provide
them with [...]


Facilitate healing through online and in-person safe spaces where men and their communities use [...]


Develop cost-effective, locally-sourced, and sturdy building blocks created from ash and the rubble from [...]


Foster longer-term, systemic economic development through affordable and accessible entrepreneurial and makers education.

SE Forum [...]


Develop an affordable, off-grid, self-installable solar kit for Bedouin communities within Israel, which are [...]


Humanize the “Other” through sensitization workshops, psycho-social support, and by fostering pen pals across [...]


Provide free music education in Greek refugee camps to empower children, and create choirs [...]


Create a podcast that gives personal voice to the underserved and suffering in India.

SE [...]


Create a children’s book series addressing the conflict in Cyprus that teaches students about [...]


Develop a new kind of school that completely breaks the mold and preserves the [...]


Integrate refugees with host communities in Augusta and beyond by dining together and sharing [...]


Mobilize the community to create a cultural shift and empower women through awareness, education, [...]


Use music to inspire young people in Israel and Palestine to join together, celebrate [...]


Expand access to psychological support for communities in the region through an arts therapy [...]


Develop and expand a progressive school program that empowers young women and furthers their [...]


Leverage a popular online gaming platform (Minecraft) to counteract negative perceptions of refugees and [...]

Nina Othman

Cultivating a savings culture in Malaysia by providing fun and educational financial empowerment workshops for kids.

Jennifer Menegazzo

Promoting community development and preserving Mayan culture by creating unique, high-quality fashion items made [...]

Tendekayi Katsiga

Providing deaf people with solar-powered hearing units, enabling them to save money on batteries [...]

Maria Mushtaq

Giving people in rural and under-served urban areas access to timely and affordable healthcare [...]

Samuel Malinga

Building sustainable sanitation systems by designing innovative toilet solutions, leading to a decrease in [...]

Habiba Ali

Tackling indoor pollution and energy poverty by bringing small-scale solar home systems to off-grid [...]

Destiny Frederick

Tackling Nigeria’s urban waste crisis by using technology to collect recyclable waste and increasing [...]

Brian Bosire

Providing agricultural information to smallholder farmers via SMS, enabling them to increase their productivity [...]


Mahmoud Mahameer and Montaser Amro

Mahmoud Mahameer and Montaser Amro

Providing high quality software services by only employing local IT graduates.


Fida Shafi and Nour Bakir

Fida Shafi and Nour Bakir

Developing traditional Palestinian heritage and ceramic handicraft.


Obaid Nierukh

Obaid Nierukh

Empowering economically underprivileged people by free deliveries of local products and goods from the [...]


Zakaria Mufreh and Issa Abufara

Zakaria Mufreh and Issa Abufara

Igniting the local economy by creating a more vibrant community and attracting tourists.


Layli Dababseh and Susan Aljabari

Layli Dababseh and Susan Aljabari

Increasing environmental awareness among the youth.


Ayat Hlahela and Omaima Yousf

Ayat Hlahela and Omaima Yousf

Providing an opportunity for education for women from areas with limited opportunities.

Francis Adereti

Saving lives by connecting hospitals and blood banks, enabling patients and doctors to easily [...]

Joyce Kyalema

Providing food security, tackling malnutrition and creating income for women by developing and selling [...]

Sibjan Chaulagain

Improving farmers’ livelihoods by providing them with agricultural and market information through SMS, enabling [...]


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale

Transforming the community’s view of gender-based violence, rehabilitating women and empowering them to earn [...]


Nodumo Fikile Magadlela

Nodumo Fikile Magadlela

Promoting green and affordable methods of shared transportation, which gives everyone equal access to [...]

Luciana Oliveira

Creating a recycle certification market to connect producers with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) [...]

Anja Juliah Abu Bakar

Giving under-privileged girls access to education by distributing re-usable sanitary pads, which empowers them [...]

Derrick Hosea Opio

Enabling off-grid households to order solar lights by sms, pay with mobile money and [...]

Christian Mwijage

Transforming plastic waste into affordable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber, resulting in a cleaner [...]

Wangari Kabiru

Offering financial capacity and enterprise education to school kids, resulting in a school-kid led [...]

Towett Ng’etich

Providing a medical drug verification system to institutions and pharmaceutical distributors, resulting in a [...]

Khalila Kellz Mbowe

A revolutionary movement offering transformational performing arts education, opportunities and exposure to talented African [...]

Collince Osewe

Offering a digital alternative to manual vaccination cards, resulting in increased vaccination penetration and [...]

Godfrey Bukenya

Offering a reliable supply of quality fruits, fresh from farmers to supermarkets resulting in [...]

Judith Nantume

Providing lessons on simple bookkeeping and an affordable accounting system to small scale [...]

Saruni Brian Maina

Offering reward points to communities in crowded urban areas in exchange for recyclable waste, [...]

Stella Ngugi

Offering an independent civic education platform to voters and candidates, resulting in an empowered [...]

Wilhelm Oddo

Offering coding and entrepreneurship skills to children and youth, resulting in the promotion of [...]

Musumba Stephen Habwe

Offering quality banana products to give farmers a unique advantage with regards to competition, [...]

Sanwal Muneer

Providing clean and affordable energy access to rural areas and reducing air pollution with [...]

Elsa Marie DSilva

Empowering women to break their silence about sexual harassment and driving societal changes with [...]

Flaviano Bianchini

Protecting the people and environment and reducing mining conflicts by providing affected communities with [...]