The Accelerator program from SE Forum

SE Outreach consists of several programs, helping social entrepreneurs who address pressing issues in the developing world and emerging markets, to accelerate their businesses so that their innovative ideas can grow into high-impact solutions to the world’s social and environmental problems.

SE Outreach Accelerator Programs

SE Outreach consist of different Accelerator programs that aim to support and facilitate the emergence of social entrepreneurs from all over the world, whose innovations and ideas address societal and environmental challenges facing developing and emerging markets.

The programs provide boot-camp-like experiences filled with seminars, workshops and coaching sessions to provide the boost, resources and capacity entrepreneurs need to get going and to accelerate.

The programs are made possible through a partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


Our entrepreneurs

Shezan Shams

Alleviating poverty among the unbanked rural population through financial inclusion and e-commerce trade services

Neelam Pol

Breaking a cycle of poverty where poor children grow into poor adults by providing [...]

Eric Muthomi

Improving food security and alleviating poverty of small scale farmers by converting harvest loss [...]

Loan Nguyen

Alleviating poverty through responsible tourism whereby unique tour experiences are also financing female small [...]

Flaviano Bianchini

Protecting the people and environment and reducing mining conflicts by providing affected communities with [...]

Elsa Marie DSilva

Empowering women to break their silence about sexual harassment and driving societal changes with [...]

Sanwal Muneer

Providing clean and affordable energy access to rural areas and reducing air pollution with [...]

Betty Ikalany

Providing access to affordable and clean cooking energy by turning waste into fuel with [...]

Yousef Mohammed Odeh

Yousef intends to foster urban agricultural practices that will contribute to food security and [...]

Sheikh Abu Turay

Sheikh Abu Turay works towards the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Liberia through [...]

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil
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Cristiana Benedetti Fasil

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil works towards promoting women empowerment and local economic development in Ghana.

Zabbinah Nakirya

Zabbinah Nakirya supports schools and communities in rural and suburban areas in Uganda.

Elena Timofeeva

Elena Timofeeva is rehabilitating victims of human trafficking as well as increasing awareness amongst [...]

Benjamin Taghavi Awal

Benjamin Taghavi Awal

Benjamin Taghavi Awal works to foster fair salaries in tourism and using profits for [...]

Harriet Kamashanyu

Harriet Kamashanyu works towards providing health services and uplifting daughters of sex workers in [...]

Prakash Acharya

Prakash Acharya intends to provide green energy solutions to institutions in Nepal with an [...]

Ackim Hamweenda

Clinics for All seeks to improve global access to healthcare by converting used shipping [...]

Michael Angaga

This social business involves the production of green charcoal as a source of sustainable [...]

Angela Inglish

Uganda, specifically the city of Kampala, is flooded with trash. Good Glass Ltd tackles [...]

Roland Usongo Tekum

The idea behind Village Library Program is to enhance access to text books to [...]

Sofie Nordström

The Bhalo Hub is a multi-stakeholder collaboration hub for workers, suppliers, buyers, industrial organizations, [...]

Morris Matadi

Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS) is a grass-root civil society [...]

Ali Khan

Ali Khan intends to improve the electricity supply in the countryside of Pakistan by [...]

Elvis Austins

The idea behind SpellAfrica Initiative is to improve English vocabulary across Africa using short [...]

Richard Bbaale

BanaPads manufactures affordable eco-friendly (100% biodegradable) sanitary pads to keep village girls in school [...]

Bertrand Gondouin

I Love Spam will identify and support, and engage in project that can maximize [...]

Lars Iversen

I Love Spam will identify and support, and engage in project that can maximize [...]

Johan Beckmann

Powerfy, and its Kenyan subsidiary Sunny People, plan to provide environmentally friendly mobile charging [...]

Martha Sanchez

The traditional plastic and cardboard bottles have primarily been used for holding liquids. TRIU [...]

Victoria Ferris

At moWoza, Victoria is involved in key infrastructure and business needs and ensuring that [...]

Patrik Appelquist

Dump Tees is a clothing brand and a social business employing people living in [...]

Maja Bergström

Bridgit offers a new way of surfing the web and engaging in global issues [...]

Petter Hanberger

Bridgit offers a new way of surfing the web and engaging in global issues [...]