SE-Forum is launching SE-Outreach Accelerator program for entrepreneurs who wish to change the world, and tackle emerging markets!



The Accelerator program is the main component of SE-Outreach. It consists of an 8-week program, which is an intense, boot-camp-like experience to assist social entrepreneurs in getting their new startups up and running in a matter of months!

The core aim of the program is to help transform innovative ideas into realistic and long-term solutions to the world‘s social and environmental problems.

Aside from scheduled workshops and seminars, the program provides social entrepreneurs with the needed resources for their early-stage development, which may include: support in refining business models for startups, guidance on pitching and presentations to a range of audiences, exposure to networks of peers, mentors, partners, investors and clients, and whatever the individual social entrepreneur needs may be.

The 8-week program ends with the so-called Investors Day, where each team will get the opportunity to pitch their startup idea to potential investors and partners.

The program is intended for social entrepreneurs of all nationalities, who are living in Sweden at the time of the program.



Accelerator aims to sup­port and facilitate the emergence of social entrepre­neurs whose innovations and ideas have the potential to tackle a range of challenges in emerging markets and meet global Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Accelerator Program is designed to support startup entrepreneurs (teams and/or individuals) who are in the process of developing their ideas, which will lead to sustainable business operations with positive social and environmental impact.



Application Deadline: March 19, 2012

Accelerator begins: April 10, 2012

Accelerator ends: week of June 1, 2012



The SE-Outreach Accelerator program will accept 4-6 teams of entrepreneurs. Participants will be carefully screened and selected after the application deadline on 19 March.




The program is possible through a multi-year funding support from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

SE Forum has throughout its history had a strong focus on the role that social entrepreneurship can have on development and poverty reduction in low-income countries. This has been reflected in many of our activities, and leads us to the upcoming launch of this new program. SE Outreach is a multi-faceted program supporting entrepreneurs both in Sweden and abroad who are working on complex problems in developing countries.