SE Events

 SE Forum regularly holds events and seminars on different themes within social entrepreneurship and sustainable business. Our three event series all aim to promote the social entrepreneurship field, both in Sweden and abroad. Over the years we have welcomed a broad range of inspiring speakers and successful social entrepreneurs, such as Muhammad Yunus, Pamoja Cleantech, Peepoople, Solvatten and many more.

Below you can read more about our different events and see our upcoming ones. Our SE Bars are public events for anyone interested, so welcome to bring yourself and your friends!

Upcoming & Past events

SE Bar

SE Bar is a speakers’ corner series on various themes within the social entrepreneurship field. It aims to inspire, encourage co-creation of new ideas, as well as create connections between people of various backgrounds and experiences, working with or interested in social entrepreneurship.

SE Talk

SE Talk is our new event series for deeper conversations and thought sharing on different themes within the broader spectra of social entrepreneurship. A smaller group of people within our network is invited for a relaxed and closed discussion.

Policy Roundtable

As pioneers in promoting social entrepreneurship in Sweden, we are proud to launch Policy Roundtables. Policy Roundtables gather decision makers, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs, to discuss the opportunities for social entrepreneurship and the role of policy, in different areas of development.