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    Save the world by supporting the ones that do – Become our Communications and Coordination Lead

Save the world by supporting the ones that do – Become our Communications and Coordination Lead

To create positive change in the world SE Forum needs a smooth-running office and great communications. That will be your job. You’ll ensure that an effective communications plan is executed to obtain coverage of our various activities in target media, including print, online, social and television. As we’re a small team the position requires flexibility, a can-do attitude and a problem-solving mindset.

About SE Forum

SE Forum is a non-profit organization based in Sweden that creates opportunities where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses whilst changing the world for the better. We do that through various business development programs for social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Continuously publish relevant content in all our media channels that will take us to our desired position of being ”the leader of societal change through Social Entrepreneurship.”
Identify and act on possible PR possibilities that can further the position of SE Forum and Social Entrepreneurship.
Assist in marketing SE Forum activities both in preparing marketing material and in reaching out to potential partners
Assist and co-plan SE Forum events
Report writing for funders and partners
Make sure that the office tasks run smoothly and that the systems set in place are followed and continually developed.
Prepare and submit monthly expense reports, cross-checking with bank transactions
Record costs and income against the budget as well as prepare invoices and track payments

There will be opportunities to get involved and gain experience in business development and fund-raising activities for the organization. There will also be opportunities for travel abroad to follow up with past SE Forum program participants.

Previous experience

The right attitude is more important than the “correct” experience. However, [...]

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Christmas and new opportunities!

Christmas is approaching fast, which means we’re soon moving into 2017. A new year with new possibilities. However, before we get ahead of ourselves I would like to take the time to highlight some of our alumnis’ recent successes. Because even if it’s important to look forward we shouldn’t forget to celebrate our achievements. See it as our Christmas card to you!

Derrick and Onelamp have successfully launched their first Pay As You Go solar product for night fishermen along lake Victoria. The results? All units have sold out!

Joyce and her Josmak (tackling malnutrition and creating income for women by developing and selling innovative products made from excess organic pumpkins) has won the African Entrepreneurship Award 2016 in competition with 8700 African entrepreneurs.

Olutosin and her Star of Hope Transformation Centre has increased their women training dramatically, been profiled by a Polish documentary filmmaker, moved into a new office and been chosen as 2016’s Changemaker by the women powered network World Pulse. She also had one of her articles published in Time Magazine describing what Americans can learn from Nigerians after a certain election.

Francis and his Redbank, saving lives by connecting Blood banks, hospitals and patients in Nigeria, has been busy signing up new clients to their platform, boosting their profile in media articles, and meeting with the Nigerian president and vice-president.

Anja and Bluebear have reached another 300 girls with their reusable sanitary pads with more programs in the pipe line. They’ve also signed a new deal to sell their pads in a major pharmacy outlet.

Luciana and New Hope EcoTech have signed more clients, increased their team and has been approach for external investments.

Elsa and SafeCity received third prize at The Intercultural Innovation Awards, a partnership between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW [...]

  • Selecting 2017’s participants: exciting, intense and very inspiring!

Selecting 2017’s participants: exciting, intense and very inspiring!

This time of year is as busy as interesting. We are currently selecting participants for the next SE Outreach Accelerator program starting in April next year. A capacity building program for international Social entrepreneurs that seems to be more popular than ever!

This year we’ve received a record-breaking 890 applications from more than 90 countries. There is some geographical expansion as well: about 40 new countries are represented this time.

We are also happy to notice progress towards a more gender balanced pool of candidates: about one third of them are women compared to 20% last year.

The development stage of the social enterprises is quite advanced: more than half of our applicants have already tested their concepts and are focusing on implementing or scaling up their ventures.

Although we are grateful for the overwhelming interest shown this year, we are still only able to select 8 participants. After the first round only 78 candidates, out of all 890, were invited to the second application phase. From there 17 social entrepreneurs will take part in the last stage – interviews. The final 8 and future participants of the SE Outreach Accelerator will receive their acceptance letters on December 19.

SE Forum is dedicated to ensure the selection process is holistic and each application is evaluated within its unique context by a team of high professional experts.

We want to send a great deal of gratitude to all the applicants who have put in effort and heart into their applications. Although we are excited to know who will participate in the fantastic training program in Stockholm next year, we also believe that many other applicants have a strong potential in scaling up their contributions towards positive change in the world!


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SE Forum took on a Ukrainian challenge in Kiev

SE Forum was invited to present at the second all Ukrainian Forum of Social Entrepreneurs in Kiev last week. It was there we and the audience received the challenge, do you dare to live a day only purchasing products and services from social entrepreneurs?

In Ukraine it looks promising. We started with a morning coffee and had tasty pizza for lunch, with plenty more options on Veterano´s menu. There were workouts from Manivtsi and exploring with the creativity box from Horihovyi Dim. To compliment our afternoon fika we simply had to go for a chocolate from Pan Chocolatier. You could also buy a gift for a friend at Dobroslon or Laska, and sell the stuff you are not using anymore – at Murahy.  By doing all this you support women in crisis, veterans, underprivileged kids, internally displaced people or other people in need in Ukraine.

As a local social entrepreneur said: “Helping is easy. Just do your thing but think from whom you are buying”.

SE Forum presents to Ukrainian social entrepreneurs
Besides the challenge, this dynamic event brought together a big crowd: more than 300 people who are owners of social businesses, supporting organizations and other parties interested in this fast developing concept. They all talked about the power of social entrepreneurship and its ability to transfer weaknesses into strength.

More than 300 participants came to discuss social entrepreneurship development in Ukraine 

Obviously Ukraine is currently faced by a lot of challenges with a complicated economic and political situation. However, at the Forum it was discussed that the breakthrough is possible with innovation and social entrepreneurship. It’s easy to believe in this seeing all the inspiring projects, fantastic teams and already great results.

There might be a lack of regulation [...]

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Thoughts from snowy Stockholm and sunny Palestine

October isn’t my favorite month of the year. It’s usually wet (in Sweden at least), cold and quite dark. However, this year October has flown by with programs being delivered, events to enjoy and the biggest selection process to date!

I need to start with the selection process for our SE Outreach Accelerator Program 2017. Because this year we’ve broken the record with almost 900 applications. From all over the world. Incredible! The past week we’ve been solely focused on these applications and I have to say that it makes me hopeful for the future reading about all the initiatives going on in different parts of the world. The first round is now complete, and successful applicants are busy filling out the extra information needed for round 2. The last step in the process will involve Skype interviews to select the final 8 participants. That’s right, from 900 to 8! We’ll reveal more in next month’s newsletter, so stay tuned.

At the same time as reviewing all these applications, two of our colleagues are conducting training programs in Palestine together with ActionAid and Global Platform Palestine. If this sounds interesting, please check out our Instagram account which is packed with images from our experiences there.

October has also been a month of events, ours and others. It started out with a whole day together with Ashoka Scandinavia and their Impact Journey which showed us some fantastic initiatives that got us all talking.

We took part in the Inclusive Business Forum (hosted by Inclusive Business Sweden) at Sida which generated some real possibilities for collaboration across sectors. The month of events finished off with the annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö, Sweden. It was a fantastic event with a [...]

Graduation, goodbyes and new opportunities!

September was one of those months that passed by SO quickly. We had 8 social entrepreneurs here for our Accelerator program and they did so much. Moving into October it feels like the same will happen as we’ve just opened applications for the Outreach Accelerator Program 2017. 

I do need to start with the Outreach Accelerator Program graduation event we had at Berghs School of Communication though. 180 guests, 8 social entrepreneurs and a bunch of trainers, mentors and supporters. It was a magic night where we heard the stories of our entrepreneurs, what they do and the steps they’ve taken during the program. We were also entertained by Stefan Krook (founder of Good Cause Foundation and God El) and Lena Ramfelt, who’s followed our entrepreneurs on their journey through the program as the lead trainer. With her background as a lecturer at Stanford University she had quite a few insights to share.

During the three weeks the entrepreneurs were here they received training in negotiations, media relations and impact measurement, among other things. Some of them also took to the stage of Stockholm Tech Fest, presented to the Malaysian ambassador, lectures at Uppsala University and participated in prototyping sessions at Hyper Island. As you can see they covered a lot of ground. It will be exciting to keep track of their adventures. Thanks for putting in all the work Anja, Derrick, Sibjan, Tosin, Fikilie, Francis, Joyce and Luciana!

At SE Forum we’re now turning our attention to the recruitment process of next year’s Accelerator program. Round 1 has just opened and we’re already receiving applications. So if you are running a social enterprise or know of anyone doing so, please click through to our application page [...]

SE Outreach Accelerator 2016 Graduation

The SE Entrepreneurs of 2016 held their final presentations in front of a full audience at Berghs School of Communications, together with keynote speakers Stefan Krook (founder of GoodCause Foundation) and Lena Ramfelt (Stanford lecturer and lead author of Gear Up).

We are humbled, proud and happy about the turnout, the stories and the energy we had in the old church hall on Sveavägen last week. A big thank you to everyone who joined and supported us! It’s been an incredible journey and we are so proud of what the entrepreneurs have achieved during this program.

The participants are now either back in their home countries or on their way through Europe. Anja Juliah Abu Bakar (of Blubear & Co) has for example stopped by in the UK where she’s been invited to speak about her social enterprise at Oxford University. Exciting!

Follow SE Forum on social media to see more photos and behind-the-scenes updates from our programs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sign up to our newsletter!

Photos by Stina Svanberg.

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    Pressmeddelande: Kan socialt entreprenörskap förändra världen? Kom och möt åtta entreprenörer som bidrar till en hållbar framtid!

Pressmeddelande: Kan socialt entreprenörskap förändra världen? Kom och möt åtta entreprenörer som bidrar till en hållbar framtid!

Kan socialt entreprenörskap förändra världen? Kom och möt åtta entreprenörer som bidrar till en hållbar framtid!
Socialt entreprenörskap diskuteras alltmer som en del av lösningen på vår tids stora globala problem. Men vad är socialt entreprenörskap? Just nu befinner sig  åtta sociala entreprenörer från Brasilien, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Sydafrika och Uganda  i Stockholm för att delta i det SIDA-finansierade affärsutvecklingsprogrammet SE Outreach, där de får kunskap och verktyg för att skapa en bättre värld via sitt företagande.

Dessa entreprenörer driver sociala företag som bland annat arbetar med att öka bloddonationer i det terrordrabbade  Nigeria via en SMS-service, få fler företag att återvinna material i Brasilien, ta vara på och distribuera solenergi till landsbygden i Uganda och skapa ett cykeldelningssystem i det av trafikinfarkt drabbade Johannesburg.

Sociala entreprenörer är en viktig del i att lösa FN:s samhällsutmaningar. Ger vi dem rätt förutsättningar att lyckas kommer vi se enorm positiv förändring! Säger Nicklas Wallberg, Executive Director på SE Forum.

Den 22 september 2016 anordnar SE Forum, som ansvarar för SE Outreach,  ett event  där entreprenörerna kommer att berätta om vilka förändringar de kämpar för att uppnå. Representanter från näringslivet, biståndsvärlden och politiken är inbjudna för att diskutera hur vi tillsammans kan arbeta för att nå FN:s utvecklingsmål och skapa en hållbar framtid via socialt entreprenörskap. För som FNs generalsekreterare Ban Ki-moon har sagt ‘Vi är den första generationen som kan utrota fattigdomen och den sista generation som kan bekämpa klimatförändringarna.’

Tid: 22 september, 18:00-21:00     Plats: Berghs, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm.

Läs mer om evenemanget: http://bit.ly/2bFWVDg
Läs mer om entreprenörerna: http://bit.ly/2bFRIeF
Pressbild: http://goo.gl/yVgjnb

För att boka en intervju med någon av entreprenörerna eller fråga om SE Forums verksamhet kontakta Nicklas Wallberg, Executive Director, 0722-2514 98

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    “A social enterprise is not a hospital – it’s a business!”

“A social enterprise is not a hospital – it’s a business!”

Betty Ikalany graduated from the SE Outreach Accelerator one year ago and a lot has happened since then. She’s won international awards, worked with MIT to develop her cookstoves and increased her sales with over 500%. We had the privilege of visiting Betty and her team at their office in Uganda to talk about dreams, challenges and how to keep believing in yourself when you feel like giving up.

What has been your biggest success in the past year?

One of the big successes is that we now have our own office! We’ve moved 10 times in just three years, so in December last year we said that with the little money we have, we need to get our own office. Even if it’s small, at least it’s ours.

Also, being women and being able to run a business for more than two years – I feel that’s a success because there are so many challenges for women here. The other day I had a very big argument with a bank manager because I’d previously applied for a loan, but I never got one. Every single day he kept on asking me “where is your husband?”. I said to him “what does it matter? Do you need a husband to access a loan? I’m accessing a loan as Betty, not because I’m someone’s wife!” I told him “all I want is a loan, if you can’t give me a loan then I’ll go.” So in the end I left because he couldn’t give me one, but now after some years he’s seen us continuing our work successfully without his loan and now he’s asking if we want one. So the fact that we have been able to come [...]

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    Techsektorn måste hjälpa till att lösa FN:s hållbarhetsmål

Techsektorn måste hjälpa till att lösa FN:s hållbarhetsmål

Under OS lever idrottare från hela världen på en och samma plats under en månad. De har kanske aldrig setts eller bekantats med varandras grenar. Ändå känner de en koppling som driver dem mot nya rekord. Samma dragningskraft finns mellan sociala entreprenörer och techsektorn.

Sveriges och världens techindustri vet att världen förändras i ilfart. Tar man en för lång vätskepaus blir man frånsprungen. Man vet också att man med relativt små medel kan förändra ett beteende, en industri eller ett tankesätt. Det här sättet att tänka, att allting är möjligt, delas med sociala entreprenörer över hela världen.

Ta Derrick från Uganda till exempel. Hans företag Onelamp erbjuder solcellslampor- och laddare till hela Ugandas landsbygd (dörr-till-dörr-service). Det skapar helt andra förutsättningar för de cirka 85 procent av befolkningen som lever utan elektricitet.

Eller Elsa från Indien, vars Safecity genom utbildning och interaktiva kartor visar var och varför det förekommer sexuella trakasserier och våld i städer. Hennes mål? Att förändra livet till det bättre för tusentals, om inte miljontals, flickor och kvinnor i Indien.

Sociala entreprenörer tänker stort och är modiga. Samma sak kan man säga om några av Sveriges mest lyckade techentreprenörer som Niklas Adalbarth, medgrundare av Klarna, eller Niklas Zennström, medgrundare av Skype. De tog sig an utmaningen att förändra sina respektive industrier.

Tänk er då vad som kan hända om techindustrin och sociala entreprenörer likt idrottarna i OS hämtar styrka, erfarenheter och inspiration från varandra? Det är något som vi ser hända här i Sverige och som har en fantastisk potential framåt.

Låt mig ge två exempel som jag tycker borde smitta av sig:

På Sveriges största techevenemang, Stockholm Tech Fest, där de största bolagen och namnen inom politiken och techvärlden samlas, dedikeras en hel dag till hur industrin kan vara en del i lösningen [...]

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