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    Techsektorn måste hjälpa till att lösa FN:s hållbarhetsmål

Techsektorn måste hjälpa till att lösa FN:s hållbarhetsmål

Under OS lever idrottare från hela världen på en och samma plats under en månad. De har kanske aldrig setts eller bekantats med varandras grenar. Ändå känner de en koppling som driver dem mot nya rekord. Samma dragningskraft finns mellan sociala entreprenörer och techsektorn.

Sveriges och världens techindustri vet att världen förändras i ilfart. Tar man en för lång vätskepaus blir man frånsprungen. Man vet också att man med relativt små medel kan förändra ett beteende, en industri eller ett tankesätt. Det här sättet att tänka, att allting är möjligt, delas med sociala entreprenörer över hela världen.

Ta Derrick från Uganda till exempel. Hans företag Onelamp erbjuder solcellslampor- och laddare till hela Ugandas landsbygd (dörr-till-dörr-service). Det skapar helt andra förutsättningar för de cirka 85 procent av befolkningen som lever utan elektricitet.

Eller Elsa från Indien, vars Safecity genom utbildning och interaktiva kartor visar var och varför det förekommer sexuella trakasserier och våld i städer. Hennes mål? Att förändra livet till det bättre för tusentals, om inte miljontals, flickor och kvinnor i Indien.

Sociala entreprenörer tänker stort och är modiga. Samma sak kan man säga om några av Sveriges mest lyckade techentreprenörer som Niklas Adalbarth, medgrundare av Klarna, eller Niklas Zennström, medgrundare av Skype. De tog sig an utmaningen att förändra sina respektive industrier.

Tänk er då vad som kan hända om techindustrin och sociala entreprenörer likt idrottarna i OS hämtar styrka, erfarenheter och inspiration från varandra? Det är något som vi ser hända här i Sverige och som har en fantastisk potential framåt.

Låt mig ge två exempel som jag tycker borde smitta av sig:

På Sveriges största techevenemang, Stockholm Tech Fest, där de största bolagen och namnen inom politiken och techvärlden samlas, dedikeras en hel dag till hur industrin kan vara en del i lösningen [...]

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Finding Glimpses of My True Self in Stockholm

By: Nodumo Fikile Magadlela, SE Entrepreneur – SE Outreach 2016

I found myself standing inside the Uppsala Cathedral. Behind me the choir was singing a beautiful song that lifted the spirit as high as the building’s columns. It was in that moment that I understood why my life’s journey had let me to this place. How a boy who grew up in the dusty streets of Nkulumane in Bulawayo had found himself standing in this sacred cathedral thousands of miles away from home.

The pieces of this puzzle started taking shape in December when I got the email that I had been chosen to represent iBoni Bike Share in Sweden. The SE Forum team had chose iBoni as one of the 8 start-ups from around the world to participate in the program in Stockholm. It was raining that day but I put down everything and I went outside and cycled. I had to cycle. I had to find a way to express my joy, pent up between the rage and shame of not being able to pay my rent for that month…

But all of this didn’t matter now because I was standing in this amazing cathedral, built hundreds of years ago. It didn’t matter that this was my first time going overseas. It wasn’t important that before this I had only been on an aeroplane on a very brief domestic flight. All that I could hear and see was the majesty of this structure.

The struggle that will define my life is that of articulation. I’ve always felt a capacity to create and to influence humanity, but I’ve always lacked the tools to articulate my potential into the world. This building in its grandeur and opulence resonated [...]

Event: Solving Global Challenges – Meet the Impact Makers

September 22, 2016
Can the world’s most pressing problems be tackled with business-oriented solutions? What do these solutions look like? Who is behind them?

SE Forum is offering you an exciting opportunity to meet eight entrepreneurs from all corners of the world who share the same goal – to change the world through their social enterprises.

Before these entrepreneurs return to their home countries, we invite YOU to hear them talk about their entrepreneurial journeys, what the future holds for their social enterprises and how you or your organisation can join in on the quest of creating a better world.

These entrepreneurs are addressing social and environmental challenges in Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Nepal, Malaysia and Brazil.  They have spent the past six months enrolled in SE Forum’s Outreach Accelerator Program and are now ready to graduate! The aim of theprogram is to boost their entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to take their social enterprises to the next level and build a brighter, equal and more sustainable world.

Drinks and refreshments are on us!

Keynote speakers:

Stefan Krook, founder of Glocalnet and the GoodCause Foundation.

Lena Ramfelt, Stanford lecturer and co-author of Gearup.


September 22 2016, 18:30-21:00. Doors open at 18:00 for mingle and drinks.


Berghs School of Communication, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm.

Places are limited so sign up here to secure your spot! 


Supporters of the SE Outreach Accelerator:




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Not such a crazy dream after all, huh?

By: Luciana Oliveira, SE Entrepreneur – SE Outreach 2016

Looking back at the three months that passed since I rejoined my team in São Paulo after the life-changing three weeks with SE Forum in Stockholm, I cannot help but feeling proud of what we achieved in such a short period of time. It’s impressive what a small team can do when there is such a beautiful transformation to be made, which is counting on our efforts!

Of course, I should remind you again of this beautiful transformation. I invite you to think about a developing country such as Brazil (where I am writing from) five years from now – the lives of millions of people working in the recycing chain will have been transformed. They will no longer work in unsustainable conditions because recycling will be a sector that receives revenues not only through the sales of materials, but also though the payment for the recycling service they provide. This payment is made by producers of packaged goods. Sound familiar? That is what has been happening in European countries for the last two decades.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Coming back to the present, here are some of the small victories we had in the last three months, which will take us closer and closer to the dream:

Our platform for recyclers to report their amounts recycled has just moved to a whole new level: a new home page (click here) with new animations to promote it among recyclers (click here to watch) and, of course, an entirely new platform! Our team spent four months rebuilding the platform in-house, from scratch, thinking about usability from the recycler’s point of view and about connectivity through APIs (ok, [...]

Profits, partners and pitching to the president!

By: Francis Adereti, SE Entrepreneur – SE Outreach 2016

It’s been about three and half months since I left Stockholm. I had acquired so much energy to implement all the new ideas and strategies which I was privileged enough to have been exposed to in the city.

One of the main creative insights I obtained, out of quite a few, was finding a way to monetize our platform, as that would be the only way to make our social business sustainable and also profitable.

I had a series of meetings with my team immediately when I got back to Nigeria, to discuss the new strategies. It was something they were all excited to hear about and consequently, we started executing these strategies right away.

We went out to find out what our paying customers needed. What were the features they would like to pay for? We also carried out a Market Survey in regards that, and to our utmost surprise, we found out that what the customers really needed was different from what we thought they needed! Interesting, right?

Immediately we had to adjust our business plan to suit their needs. We also partnered with the Redcross Organization in Lagos State to carry out a blood donor drive. We introduced our donor platform to them in the process and thereby gained more traction.

The donor platform is for keeping digital records of blood donors and their blood types and for sending periodic reminders to them and being able to easily contact them when there is a need for them to come over to donate more blood. It was built for blood banks and donor organizations that are into blood donation drive.

My mentor (Johan Mast) has been of great help. He [...]

“These three weeks have been like three days!”

The Swedish blood bank system, cracking the business model and teaching entrepreneurship to high school students – those are a few of the things Francis Adereti, founder of Redbank, has experienced during his three weeks in Sweden. We asked him a few questions to learn more!

Why did you apply to this program?

I applied to this program to learn more about my business, and especially the business model aspect. I also applied to network with people of like-minds and experience the city of Stockholm to be able to learn about their blood banking system.

Now that you are three weeks into the program, what has your experience been like so far?

Wow, these three weeks have been like three days! It’s been a really great experience. I’ve been able to learn a lot of things and meet a lot of people and so far I’ve been able to get to learn about how to improve my business model, I’ve been able to improve my networking skills and I’ve been able to go to some places here in Sweden to meet with people. It’s been amazing!

What has been the best moment?

The best moment was with the students from SSHL (Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket). We had a session together with the students and tried to explain what entrepreneurship is all about by using Redbank as a case study and the students were amazing. That’s been my best moment so far!

What has been your biggest learning?

My biggest learning has been related to my customers. The blood banks have been given the platform for free but we discovered that we could actually build more features and turn the blood banks into potential customers. For me, that has been an eye opener and [...]

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    “There is a single language we all share and that is how much we care about each other”

“There is a single language we all share and that is how much we care about each other”

Cooking with people from all over the world, identifying your real customers and finding a second home far away from your actual home – these are some of the things we talked about with Sibjan Chaulagain, of Creating SMILES, Building the Nation, after he completed the first three weeks of the SE Outreach Accelerator.

Why did you apply to this program?

In Nepal we had been working with farmers and there were some NGOs that were ready to pay for our services, especially the weather and the market information. As we were creating the profiles of the farmers, we realized that there may be a different business opportunity but we were not sure how to model it from a business point of view. At the same time we also had a few donors, but they wanted the real business plan and we were struggling with that. So I heard of SE Forum last year and I thought that this could be the perfect platform where I could meet the right people and have time where I can think of my business plan, and at the same time get mentored, have linkages and create network so that I can go back to Nepal confidently.

You are three weeks into the program now, what has your experience been like so far?

So far it has been as I expected. Every day there is an intense program, but I get sufficient time to myself to really think for my business, to make it better. There are lots of topics that I was not aware of and that I was not able to model, but after being here I feel like I have the capacity to do so.

What has been your biggest [...]

1 year later – Visiting our SE alumni from 2015!

Annabel from SE Forum recently spent three weeks visiting our alumni in India, Vietnam and Uganda! Having the privilege of being hosted by three social entrepreneurs from the SE Outreach Accelerator 2015 provided a great opportunity for us to gain a more in-depth understanding of their day-to-day operations and how SE Forum, as an organisation, can tailor our programmes to best suit their needs.

Let’s take a look!

First stop was India, where we visited Elsa Dsilva, co-founder of Safecity and Neelam Pol, founder of Khel Planet. Elsa and her team have collected over 9300 reports of sexual harassment on their online platform and run programs for young girls, in schools and with large corporations. When Elsa was in Stockholm last year she had a team of 3. Today the Safecity team consists of 8 employees and over 100 volunteers. Neelam is developing a new game for Khel Planet and is about to launch an online platform with non-academic games teaching life-skills to kids. The online site targets urban parents and is currently being tested by a group of users.

This photo is from one of Safecity’s workshops in Delhi. These girls are drawing a map of their neighbourhood and marking the places where they feel unsafe. This will later be used as a base when they brainstorm solutions of how to make the area safer.

Next stop was Vietnam, where we met up with Loan Nguyen from Bloom Microventures. Bloom Microventures combines responsible tourism and microfinance to alleviate poverty, by offering tourists an authentic insight into rural Vietnam and using the revenues to provide low-interest microloans to help women start their own businesses. Today Loan and her team have provided loans to around 200 women in the Hoa Binh province, helping them purchase farm animals, crops and fruit trees to [...]

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SE Outreach Accelerator Experience

By: Derrick Hosea Opio, SE Entrepreneur – SE Outreach 2016

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the second most prolific tech hub in the world on a per capita basis, producing 6.3 billion-dollar companies per million people, compared to Silicon Valley’s 8.1, according to a recent report from the investment firm Atomico. In April I was selected as one of the 8 lucky social entrepreneurs to attend the SE Outreach Accelerator in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the first week of the program, all 8 entrepreneurs stayed in Sigtuna, the first town in Sweden. It’s a charming medieval town of 8,000 inhabitants, founded in AD 970 by King Erik the Victorious. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have visited that has not lost touch with its roots. The town’s original structure is largely preserved to this day. We were hosted at Sigtunastiftelsen Hotell, a quite beautiful peaceful place by the lake built in the early 1900s. Here, we got an opportunity to taste true Swedish food for the first time. The restaurant served us Swedish dishes based on organic, locally sourced ingredients.

During the second and third week we were based at Impact Hub Stockholm, a beautiful co-working office space that is part business incubator, part innovation lab, and part social enterprise community. The environment and founders at Impact Hub not only inspired us all to reach further, but SE trainers also offered actionable tools and methods that are key to building more agile and customer oriented organizations. Lena, one of the most brilliant and energetic professors I have interacted with, led sessions on “Gear Up”. She covered every topic in a way that was informative and empowering – ensuring that we walked away with valuable [...]

Sociala entreprenörer leder samhället framåt

Midsommarhelgen var händelserik. Glatt midsommarfirande blandat med nedstämda Brexitrapporter. Nu är det dags för kommuner, civila sektorn och näringslivet att lyfta blicken och gå vidare. Mer än någonsin är det viktigt att ta individuellt ansvar för att bygga goda förutsättningar för samarbete. Socialt entreprenörskap kan visa vägen.

Det är lätt att tappa modet ibland. Speciellt efter stora händelser som Storbritanniens val att kliva av EU-samarbetet. Varför ska vi försöka när andra ändå hoppar av? Men det är just i sådana situationer som vi behöver individer som inte nöjer sig med status quo, som inte finner sig i orättvisor och som själva tar tag i samarbeten för att lösa samhällsutmaningar.

På SE Forum arbetar vi i Sverige och utomlands med att lösa samhällsutmaningar genom entreprenörskap. Vi stöttar och utbildar sociala entreprenörer, agerar förmedlare med näringsliv och trycker på för att socialt entreprenörskap ska bli en given del i samhället.

För oss är det därför självklart att samarbete behövs, mellan sektorer, inom EU och utanför. Vi känner dagligen av övertygelsen hos våra entreprenörer om hur de förbättrar situationen för sin omgivning. Det är den övertygelsen som vi gång på gång ser ger resultat, och de bästa resultaten kommer när samarbete sker över sektor- och landsgränser.

Låt mig ge tre goda exempel:

I förra veckan besökte mina kollegor en av våra sociala entreprenörer, Elsa Marie D’Silva, i Indien. Efter återkommande rapporter om våldtäkter, sexuella trakasserier och överfall i New Delhi bestämde hon sig för att själv ta tag i problemet. Via en webb-baserad app, Safecity, samlar hon in kvinnors rapporteringar av sexuellt våld och överfall för att skapa så kallade hot spots som analyseras för att visa på mönster och trender för polis och kommuner att agera utifrån.

Ett utmärkt exempel på hur ny teknik, blandat med entreprenörskapsanda och [...]