What is SE Forum?

SE Forum is a non-profit membership organization working to promote, inspire and empower social entrepreneurs. SE Forum was founded in 2004 and provides a variety of unique programs and services that aim to transform the norms around the way business is done and the private sector composition. Our members and partners work around the world to improve some of society’s most pressing problems.

We create opportunities where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses whilst changing the world for the better

SE Forum is a non-profit organization based in Sweden that advocates responsible business solutions to address global challenges. We promote, inspire and empower social entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Our vision

SE Forum contributes to a more just and sustainable world by unleashing the potential of social entrepreneurship to address society ́s most pressing problems.

Our mission

To promote, inspire and empower social entrepreneurs to start and scale businesses that address global challenges in Sweden and emerging markets.

How we work


By connecting social entrepreneurs  and providing a platform and creative space to foster the emergence of new and innovative ideas.


By sharing the latest trends in social entrepreneurship, such as business model innovation, and a diverse range of methods needed to create and scale social impact.


By providing social entrepreneurs with the support, tools, and networks to accelerate progress and demonstrate benefit for society and the environment.

Our Staff

Nicklas Wallberg
Nicklas WallbergExecutive Director
Nicklas has international experience of social entrepreneurship working with program and business development at the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia. In Australia he also founded the music-fuelled enterprise Tram Sessions. He holds a Bachelor degree in communication. As Executive Director Nicklas has both a strategic and operational role with the overall responsibility to develop SE Forum and together with the team deliver high quality business acceleration programs in different parts of the world.

+46 72 225 14 98

Prior to SE Forum Nicklas was Communication Manager at Saco (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) where he was responsible for political advocacy within the areas of education and research, and management of communication projects and events.

In his spare time Nicklas plays hide and seek with his young daughter and runs the Stockholm chapter of the global initiative Awesome Foundation which hands out mini-grants of €500 per month to initiatives that make Stockholm more awesome.

Fiona Hazell
Fiona HazellProgram Director
Fiona is a social business strategist with 12 years experience in business and marketing strategy. She is an Inclusive Business Sweden Associate and has run a strategic consultancy for the last 5 years which includes clients such as Anglo American, Samsung and the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Firmly believing that social challenges can be tackled through sustainable business solutions, she has worked with corporates, accelerators and social entrepreneurs to develop profitable and scalable business models that have a positive impact on society.

Tackling Africa’s high levels of unemployment is of particular importance to Fiona who fell in love with the entrepreneurial spirit of the continent when she lived, coached and worked in Livingstone (Zambia), Jambiani (Zanzibar), Moshi (Tanzania), Ngong (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), Accra (Ghana), Lagos (Nigeria) and Soweto (South Africa).

Since relocating to Sweden she started ReStock, a social enterprise that provides mobile tech solutions for African entrepreneurs.

Svitlana Pinchuk
Svitlana PinchukProject Coordinator
Svitlana was awarded Swedish Institute scholarship and earned her master of Entrepreneurship from Uppsala University.  She focused her studies on financial sustainability  of social businesses. Svitlana has an extensive background in media development having worked for five years in media supporting NGO in Ukraine. She concentrated on improving freedom of speech, media literacy and access to information in Ukraine and CIS region. Svitlana has been with SE Forum for more than a year now, supporting the SE Outreach Accelerator program.



Being a Board Member of Institute of Professional Fundraisers in Ukraine Svitlana supports capacity development of non-profits and as part of the Steering Committee of European Media Platform, she promotes Ukraine-EU media integration.

Among other things, Svitlana is using her experience in working with social entrepreneurs to strengthen the development of NGOs and their entrepreneurial efforts for a good cause.

In her free time Svitlana enjoys being close to nature, traveling and volunteering as a hospital clown.

Lena ReschkeProgram Assistant

Lena is a student of the master program ”Sustainability, Society and the Environment” at Kiel University, Germany. She holds a bachelor degree in International Business Studies and gained some insights into the work of non-profit-organizations as well as into the field of development cooperation. Before she joined the SE Forum team, she worked as a research assistant at the department of Social Entrepreneurship at her home university. At the SE Forum she is responsible for all the logistics related to the SE Outreach Accelerator.



She is the co-founder of a community oven project in Kiel, where people can learn traditional baking methods and meet new people. Lena is very passionate about climate justice and the degrowth movement in Europe.

In her spare time she loves to be in nature, to do sports and to save left over food from supermarkets.

Our Board Members

Maria J. Bustamante
Maria J. BustamanteChairman (co-chair)
Maria has a background in marketing & communications, business development and strategy for both non-profit and for-profit companies. Maria’s passion lies in working with entrepreneurs. She has helped tell the stories of startups throughout Latin America, the US and Europe, positioning them to attract customers and investment capital.
Maria currently works in the digital media industry. Prior to moving to Sweden, she worked at LAVCA, an organization that aims to build the private equity and venture capital ecosystem throughout Latin America by working directly with investors, regulators and entrepreneurs. Maria also worked at a New York City-based marketing and public relations firm specialized in promoting economic development efforts of U.S. and international communities looking to attract talent and foreign direct investment.

Maria holds a M.Sc. in General Management from the Stockholm School of Economics and received her B.A. in Advertising & Public Relations from The Pennsylvania State University. She also studied communications and international relations at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Ylva Hansdotter
Ylva HansdotterChairmain (co-chair)
Ylva has a background as a Partner in a global management consulting firm and she has +17 years of experience in business development/growth strategies within several industries. Ylva holds a MSc in Computer Science and BSc in Behavioral Science from the University of Stockholm and has studied strategy at Harvard Business School and social entrepreneurship at INSEAD.
A couple of years ago Ylva started to focus on social enterprises and she is currently an entrepreneur within the Good Cause Foundation (a Stockholm based foundation with the purpose of starting and running for-profit companies – but where all dividends are donated to charity) and board member of the social enterprise GodEl. Ylva believes in the power of “hybrid” models for social enterprises to ensure financial sustainability and she is convinced that we will see a significant growth in partnerships between non-profit and for-profit businesses in the coming years.

Mona Bostarius
Mona BostariusTreasurer
Mona is a Financial Business Partner with more than fifteen years of experience from various finance roles at Ericsson. She has experience with securing financial deliveries to multiple stakeholders in a complex and global organization juggling several reporting views and perspectives.
Mona recently pursued the goal of combining her fields of expertise – economy and ecology – by joining Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) as their Controller. She believes that her background along with her passion for putting meaning into numbers would make an impact both for the role of the Treasurer and for SE Forum as an organization.

Thomas Strömberg
Thomas StrömbergBoard Member
Thomas has a diverse background from both the private sector and civil society. He holds a degree in Social Anthropology and International Relations from Stockholm University. After his studies he worked as a market analyst before co-founding a company within the fashion industry.
When an opportunity to work for the UN in Nepal appeared he sold his shares in the company and moved to Kathmandu. He recently spent three years in Jerusalem where he, among other things, acted as Local Programme Coordinator for the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel and taught a course in marketing at the Dar el Kalimah College in Bethlehem.

He currently sits on the board of two Swedish NGOs working with migration, human rights and capacity building that he also co-founded. Thomas is passionate about helping people grow and fulfill their potential and he has a strong interest in processes of change and how communities are created.

Eva Jarlsdotter
Eva JarlsdotterBoard Member
Eva is an author, lecturer and entrepreneur. She began her career as a journalist but after almost a decade in journalism, she left to work in business leadership roles. She has held global positions in integrated communications and CSR in the telecom and life science business.
In 2013 Eva launched the bestselling book ‘From Frustration to flow with lean@home” and she is regarded as the pioneer behind the concept lean@home. Thousands of families have been inspired by this method and the result is that they are enabled to reduce both their expenses and environmental footprints. Eva’s company Leanathome AB is currently developing products with the support from Vinnova.

Eva holds a degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg and an executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. In her spare time she dreams of being self-sufficient with a fruit and vegetable garden and to help create a more sustainable society – in all aspects.

Siavash Habibi
Siavash HabibiBoard Member
Siavash strives to work in the intersection between the commercial and humanitarian spheres. He works as a Business Development & Strategic Communications consultant, mainly with, a leading NGO in the water sector working to secure water and sanitation for the poor in developing countries.
Prior to this, he was a Senior Consultant at the ForeSight Group, where he was part of developing Passionate Investments, an initiative to help Swanbank’s Family Office clients explore their values and invest accordingly in opportunities that generate positive impact.

Siavash has worked in various capacities with the Clinton Global Initiative, where he gained a birds-eye perspective on the change-making landscape. He was also part of starting Manoto TV, the most popular Farsi speaking channel in the world with roughly 40 million viewers worldwide. Siavash gained his MA in Politics and International Studies at Uppsala University, and his BA in Political Science from California Lutheran University.

Gabriella Silfwerbrand
Gabriella SilfwerbrandBoard Member
Gabriella currently works as a consultant in chemical regulation and environmental management. She advises companies and public authorities on chemical regulations, public tender requirements, substitution strategies etc.
She has previously worked as an Operations Manager for Impact Hub Stockholm, a global network supporting social entrepreneurs in over 50 countries. She has a Master in Ecosystem Governance and Resilience from Stockholm Resilience Centre, and a degree in chemical engineering. She has experience from working in Spain, UK and Sweden and from fieldwork in Indonesia. She is innovative and passionate about improving the footprint of business activities in order to support sustainable financial success and secure sustainable resource access for all.

Zakaria Hersi
Zakaria HersiAlternate Board Member
Zakaria has a diverse background working with e-learning, marketplaces and telecom operators throughout Africa, Latin America and Europe. Recently Zakaria was Managing Director of, a marketplace in Nigeria part of Saltside Technologies backed by Kinnevik.
Previously he also worked as the Global Implementation Manager for Besedo. Before that Zakaria had his own company in Kenya, where he built telecom infrastructure. He also runs a mentorship program for East African startups and a charity organization in Somalia. Zakaria holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from Stockholm University.

Daniel Sommerstein
Daniel SommersteinAlternate Board Member
Since 2007, Daniel has been working as Product and Key Account Manager, and Head of IT at Fairtrade Sweden. Previously, he was project manager for SIDA financed projects, also at Fairtrade, and has been employed in various roles for Foundation Sweden in Europe and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
With experience and a wide network from both NGOs and the business community, Daniel knows what it means to work with companies devoted to a sustainable future. Daniel’s long term service to Fairtrade has helped it go from a small organisation some ten years ago, to the well know product label it is today.

Jenny Fürstenbach
Jenny FürstenbachAlternate Board Member
Jenny has been working at SAS since 2005 when she started out as a Management Trainee. Since then she has had different positions; from business development to sales manager. Today she holds the position as Head of Distribution & Saleability at SAS.
In 2014 Jenny founded Acumen which is a non-profit organization that provides emerging leaders skills they need to become more effective in changing the way the world tackles poverty. Between 2010-2013 Jenny lived in Japan, working for SAS and she now speaks Japanese. She holds a M.Sc from Stockholm School of Economics. Jenny has a strong competence within change management and innovation.

Our Founders

Harry McNeil
Harry McNeilFounder
Harry McNeil is one of the founders of Social Entrepreneurship Forum and CEO of Hero Sverige AB. With passion for social business, leadership and solving complex societal challenges Harry has founded, co-founded and headed a number of companies and NGOs; Telge Tillväxt, The Good Guys, Framtidsboxen, Protus, Ekskäret foundation et cetera.
Harry has worked as associated researcher at the Swedish institute of International Affairs and has a global background from business, research and NGO development in China, Europe, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and the US. Harry has holds a M.Sc. in International Relations from Stockholm University, a degree from the business school Kaospilots and has studied business negotiation and philosophy at Berkeley and Lund University.

Jonas Michanek
Jonas MichanekFounder
Jonas is a serial entrepreneur and writer. He founded SE Forum (first known as AISE) back in 2004 to create a platform for social entrepreneurship in Sweden. Besides SE Forum, Jonas has also founded NGOs like Innovation Circus (a European grassroots initiative fostering innovation for the masses) and Digitalbridge, which brought the knowledge of digital storytelling to Scandinavia.
Jonas has a Global EMBA from Stockholm School of Economics, financed by a scholarship from the Wallenberg foundation. He has attended the Kaospilot program and has a Bachelor of Arts from Uppsala University. He has also founded several companies like Idélaboratoriet (a innovation management consultancy working with both corporate and public clients who focus on social innovation, like Greenpeace and the city of Medellin in Colombia) and Food To Happen (innovation in the food industry).

Jonas has written several books like the bestselling The Idea Agent-books together with Andréas Breiler, the book TO DO: development of cultural and creative industries in practice (2011) and has co-written the books Entreprenörskap och Företagsetablering  (Entrepreneurship) (2009) and Global Wanderings (2008). He also has a media career as a TV- and radio-host working with channels like SVT, Kanal5, TV8 and SR.

Johanna Laurin Gulled
Johanna Laurin GulledFounder
Johanna Laurin Gulled is one of the founders of Social Entrepreneurship Forum. She is now Head of Reputation Management at Ipsos Nordics and a regular commentator on political issues in Dagens Nyheter and Dagens industri.