SE Forum is holding an Idea Lab together with Venture Cup on March 24 – 25 at the Stockholm School of economics. The Idea lab will focus on how to work in a social and still sustainable manner. This is an opportunity for social entrepreneurs with great business plans to be provided with assistance and inspiration on how to develop and finalize their business plans. During the two days, entrepreneurs will be provided with practical tools using approved business tools and creative exercises using the Business Model Canvas. In addition to the provision of practical tools, the entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to participate in Venture Cups competition to win up to Sek 250,000!

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Previously SE Forum together with SoPact Social Impact Accelerator in Lund in collaboration with Lund University Social Innovation Center, held an intensive program for a day of which consisted of the introduction of the business Model Canvas and using it to define the entrepreneurs’ different business models. The participating entrepreneurs had a chance to address the challenges they face in terms of defining and working with their business models and individual solutions were created for each entrepreneur’s model.