We are now ready to reveal the list of the 7 ideas selected for SE Outreach Mini-Accelerator 2013. Together, the social entrepreneurs with their social enterprises cover issues dealing with agriculture, energy, waste management, employment, health, food security, and education.

The following is a list with a short description of the selected social enterprises.

Anne Gladys Wanjiku Kamau, Zueric Limited – is targeting the rising poverty levels affecting women in both the rural and urban areas in Kenya?! ZUERIC is dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment by enabling them to be self-sufficient through social enterprise.

Ruth Wamalwa, Crop and livestock farming – currently caters for almost 2000 disadvantaged, orphaned and vulnerable children from all over Kenya. She is currently looking to develop a commercial farming enterprise that will help fund the services provided to the children.

Asia Kamukama, Maendeleo foundation – operates innovative solar-powered mobile classrooms (MSCCs) and special localizable self-teaching computer skills software in communities across Uganda, working in partnership with primary and secondary schools, community centers and libraries.

Rosemary Wangari Wachira, Centre for Sustainable Resource Development (CSRD) – is working with an idea where they lease land with essential infrastructure such as water, sizeable green houses, to youth in return for a small fee. The aim is to educate youth about agricultural practices, develop their vocational skills, promote organic produce, and fund their other non-profit activities.

Lois Gicheru, Solafrique – is a renewable energy company that offers its clients affordable and efficient renewable energy systems with an added benefit of carbon revenues earned from the use of the systems through a revenue sharing scheme with the company.

Caroline Masika, Growmate East Africa Ltd – is an all natural soil conditioner rich in humus acids, designed for soil application. Crop farming has been on a decline due to declining soil quality, and Growmate is looking to address this issue.

Stella Agola Sigana, Carolina for Kibera – the idea is to explore ways in which one can establish a waste recycling centre to process and recycle the wastes collected into products that can increase the income generated within the Kibera community. They anticipate doing this through producing items such as plastic roofing tiles, plastic poles, compost manure, bone jewelry, briquettes, handbags and mats from polythene etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our selected participants.

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