SE Innovation Lab Karlstad took place during the weekend of Nov 15-17. It was the final Innovation Lab for this year, and we were happy to see that 6 eager social entrepreneurs participated with their innovative ideas. One of the participants was Henric Barkman, who participated with his business partner, Anna Sundell. They are working on a project with which they participated in Karlstad, and you may read more about their SE Innovation Lab experience below:

“My partner, Anna, and I are working on a collaborative consumption project. We believe that it can contribute to the development of some of the key pre-requisites that a sustainable world needs: smarter use of resources, more sustainable citizens, and trustful communities. The road from idea to a viable enterprise is long, and we are still in the process of fitting together pieces that will allow us to start our endeavour.

We went into SE Forum’s Innovation Lab with rather high expectations. We had decided to set aside an entire weekend for our participation, which was of course a big deal for us being busy with full time jobs and kids. Nevertheless, it turned out that our expectations were met above and beyond. In fact, they had even been too low.

The highlight of our participation was not the great group dynamic, SE Forum’s professional process leaders, or the fun program. Neither was it the inspiring and knowledgeable guest workshop leaders. For us, the start of our participation became the tools.

SE Innovation Lab did not only contain several established business and innovation tools, such as The Business Model Canvas and The User Journey, but also quite a few others. All of them were presented in an easy to understand way, whilst still allowing us to go into depth. These tools will always be available to me from here on.

The work that we put in during this weekend became the “kick off” that our project needed. Though a three day workshop is limited in what it can provide, the ideas and thoughts that you takeaway from these three days will certainly help you develop your ideas into a sustainable business. SE Forum understands the limitations and thus ensures to provide you with key things to consider when moving forward.

And now…our journey begins.”

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Ida from SE Forum coaching Henric and Anna

Ida from SE Forum coaching Henric and Anna