45 people participated in SE Forums campaign and the two creative workshops arranged by SE Forum were both crowded. The interest for social entrepreneurship during Almedalsveckan 2013 seemed to be  at an all-time high. In fact, there has never been as many social entrepreneurs taking part of the official program as this year.

During three days SE Forum has been present in Almedalen, campaigning and hosting two creative workshops. The campaign aimed at gathering the many innovative ideas that people have on how to change the world. 45 people contributed with their ideas, ranging from how to create job opportunities for people in developing countries to gender equality and integration. Some of these creative minds are shown below. The photos were spread in social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – with the aim to promote these causes but also to show others that it is possible to make a difference.

The workshops focused on social entrepreneurship, creativity and change and the participants were challenged to come up with new solutions to the world’s pressing problems. They were guided through an ideation process and managed to come up with amazing business solutions in only one hour! Hopefully SE Forum will see them again during one of the SE Innovation Labs coming up this autumn. During an Innovation Lab the participants are given the opportunity to further develop their ideas and start making them happen. Click here for more information.

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