Last week, we held the SE BAR and Outreach seminar series. Our speaker for this seminar was Tobias Edström from Business Models Inc, and former Sales Director for Spotify. He shared his inspiring story and talked about the importance of Business Model Innovation in a rapidly and constantly changing market place. He spoke about passion and drive to succeed and the importance of NOT rushing through the steps when starting your business. Tobias emphasized the importance of finding support rather than investments, and the pivotal effect your networks will play in raising the profile of your startup. What were the most important takeaways? What is most important to drive you forward?

1) Your desire to get there (wanting it, BADLY), 2) Its all about the business model, 3) Proper execution, 4) Mean & Lean (don’t blow all your cash, bootstrapping), and 5) Its all about the network. Don’t wait, start your business model innovation right now, today.Check out our Facebook page for pictures!

In addition, during the event, our Accelerator social entrepreneurs took the center stage and gave a 1-minute pitch to promote their innovative startups! Below, take a look at the opening remarks by SE Outreach Program Director, Emma Rung, followed by pitches from our Accelerator team!

Introduction: Emma Rung, SE Outreach Director followed by a pitch from Bridgit (Maja Bergström and Petter Hanberger).


Martha Sanchez, TREO


Patrik Appelquist, Dump Tees


Bertrand Gondouin and Lars Iversen, I Love SPAM


Johan Beckmann, Powerfy/Sunny People


Victoria Ferris, MoWoza