Some thoughts on Day 7 at the Accelerator Program from Patrik Applequist from Dump Tees:

On Monday, Team SE Outreach was visited by a whole bunch of lovely people. Maja Frankel from Ashoka came and gave us answers to the questions that keeps us awake at nights. She talked about how to keep the fire burning in the business, how to find the energy you need to succeed.


The quote of the day: “Take it as spaghetti!”


Monica Lorensson came from UNDP and talked about the Millenium goals and I am very happy that Dump Tees actually are working towards theese goals in a positive way.

Victoria joined the team, finally! We´ve been waiting for her and she is such a lovely person with such a interesting project! I´m looking forward to know more about her and her business.

Check out his blog entry in Swedish!