Accelerator Program, Day 2: Today was intense. Spending the day with Nick Jankel has put us all on the edge. It has lead to a depth of perception, none of us expected.

We learned new expressions, such as  ‘breakthrough insights/propositions/opportunities’, the ‘innovative switches’, the triple bottom lines (economic, environmental and social) and even the quadruple bottom lines (as Nick says: profit, planet, people, play). We heard about the 5 Fs of  social entrepreneurship (fear, fame, fortune, frustration, and freedom), and the dangers of making assumptions when creating a vision for any social enterprise.

Importantly, we all examined our purpose in this life and this world, including our passions, skills and talents. The social entrepreneurs questioned the purpose and vision of their startups, and checked if there is a balance between the heart of their individual vision and their organizational vision.

One of our Social Entrepreneurs, Martha Zanches of TREO, offered to share her thoughts on today’s process:

 “If somebody had asked me this morning about my startup’s purpose, I could have answered that question with a single sentence, maybe two. One thing was sure: I had an answer.


At 9:30am today, Nick Jankel entered the lecture room.  A seemingly inconspicuous man, who had just arrived from England to give us answers– I assumed– for how we can develop our ideas. Big mistake on my part to make any assumptions, as I learned later, that Nick was here to hand out answers.


After 10 minutes of listening to him, I began to feel fear, which I had avoided in the last months. I questioned my startup, which has been shocking. I widened my list of questions, which was terrifying. Wondering if I am proposing a solution to the wrong problem is going to be my nightmare tonight.


Eight hours later, I am writing this to thank Nick– who is now perhaps smiling, flying back to London, knowing he has made an impact– for planting the seed of the most creative, innovative, frustrating, productive, and unavoidable fears that a newborn idea (and its purpose) needs!


As I finish this, many thoughts cross my mind… has anyone seen my purpose?”

Martha Zanchez, April 11, 2012, Stockholm,Sweden

Inspiring words indeed. From chaos emerges creativity; in the space between chaos and order emerges leadership with a radically innovative potential. Its always worth remembering that if you are not failing, you are not innovating.

For more information on Nick Jankel and his work check out WECREATE. You can also tune into some creative visualization/meditation tracks that Nick created ‘to boost your leadership potential’.

Continue following us on this amazing journey! Tomorrow the Accelerator Team will be going to the Stockholm School of Economics. Emma Rung, SE Outreach Director, will be speaking about the SE Outreach Accelerator Program, and Patrik will pitch his startup Dump Tees. At 12:00, those who wish will attend a seminar, ‘Invest in Sustainable Future’.