‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

‘Crazy Ones’ 1997 Apple commercial (TV)

Eight social entrepreneurs started an inspiring journey today. Emma Rung, Program Director of SE Outreach, and Shawn Westcott, Chairman of SE Forum, officially launched the 2012 SE Outreach Accelerator program this morning. The Apple ‘Think Different’ commercial, Crazy Onespropelled everyone into a wired and inspired zone for the day.


We are proud to welcome 8 social entrepreneurs, representing 6 startups into the program: MoWoza, I Love Spam, Powerfy/Sunny People, Bridgit, TREO, and Dump Tees.

In the next 8 weeks, each social entrepreneur will dig deeper into his and her creative potential to emerge ever stronger and clear about the final shape their startup will take. It is indeed inspiring that each startup brings in a different perspective and approach into the work of poverty reduction, with focus on alleviating social or environmental challenges in emerging markets. The overarching goal is to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Today—Day 1 of the Accelerator Program—was led by a skilled process leader, Andréa Råsberg, and focused on the SE Accelerator team getting to know each other and getting to know oneself through a series of individual reflections on inner motivations, passions and aspirations.  The day was carefully crafted through an inspiring set of activities, including drawing, music, sharing, conversation, and reflection, which set a stimulating tone for the 8-weeks ahead.

Tomorrow, Nick Jankel of WECREATE will take the group on an exciting ride to accelerate their ideas to the maximum, through processes on leadership, innovation, and co-creation.

Check out the pictures from today’s session on SE Forum Facebook page!