On 25 April, you are invited to an open seminar on business model solutions: ‘Business Models in a Changing World’. Our speaker for this seminar is Tobias Edström from Business Models Inc, and former Sales Director for Spotify. He will share his inspiring story and talk about the importance of Business Model Innovation in a rapidly and constantly changing market place. The seminar starts at 18:00 at the HUB, Riddargatan 17D.

Tobias Edström is currently a Business Consultant at Business Models Inc. He supports (inter) national organizations with the development of new business models, new markets and new customer segments. Tobias has 10 years of experience in business development and the establishment of new markets. He has a proven track record in digital media, social media and digital marketing.

Business Models Inc. is an international strategy and business model consulting agency that helps corporate organizations and management teams to find new ways of doing business and generate revenue by means of assessing, innovating, validating, and implementing (new) business models. The Business Model Inc. team consists of people who have passion for helping organizations identify and seize growth opportunities. Their  work focuses around boosting clients’ strategy development process and business model thinking in order to accelerate growth and enhance results.

This event is organized by SE BAR and SE Outreach, as part of the 8-week Accelerator Programe that will expose a selected startup entrepreneurs to many experts in the field of business plan solutions, funding, marketing and much more. Tobias Edström is one of the featured experts in our SE Outreach Accelerator program. The start of the program is on 10 April!

RSVP to outreach@se-forum.se to attend the event. Limited seats, so first come, first serve!