On 7 March, the SE Outreach Accelerator program was launched, officially opening the program application process.  The event drew in a talented crowd of 100+ people, among them social entrepreneurs, startup business owners, media, researchers, potential Accelerator participants, and more.  The Accelerator, will be the first “boot camp” in Sweden for entrepreneurs aiming to change the world.

In a beautifully candle lit room at The Hub, the evening, which aimed to  inspire, featured speakers from Solvatten, Gynius, and Peepoople, who addressed and presented solutions to alarming societal and environmental challenges such as access to safe drinking water, reproductive health, and sanitation. Staffan Landin of Gapminder, presented global trends on human health and development.

SE Outreach Program Director, Emma Rung, closed the official part of the evening. She shared her vision for the Accelerator program, and a deeper insight on the content and implications for the chosen Accelerator entrepreneurs. The program team of coaches and mentors were presented as well, which include experts such as Maja Frankel, Björn Söderberg, Göran Carstedt, Staffan Landin, Eliza Kücükaslan, Ylva Strander and Jonas Pinzke, in addition to many more!

The Accelerator program will undoubtedly be a unique experience and a tremendous opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, advance the individual startup idea, and collaborate with other social entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to create sustainable business operations with high-impact solutions to the world‘s social and environmental problems.

In the next few weeks, 5 entrepreneurs will be selected to join the Accelerator. Within the intense 8-week training, each entrepreneur will 1) receive individual coaching, 2) learn about ideal business model solutions, 3) develop business communication and advertising skills, 4) how to manage financial planning, and finally 5) how to understand, identify, and navigate local markets. To learn more about the program click here.

Application deadline is fast approaching (19 March), so apply today as spaces are filling up. The program will begin on 10 April and end on 31 May with ‘Investor Day’, where entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential funders and investors.